Weight Management for Men

Weight management means to keep the body at a healthy weight. Weight loss is followed by weight management, after reaching an ideal body weight it is important to keep maintaining it in the long run. If steps to weight management are not followed regularly a person is at high risk of gaining back the pounds which were lost. Weight management may be tougher to follow as it needs perseverance and determination but then it is not impossible if you have the will.

Weight management tips

Regularly exercising is important to keep your weight in balance. Exercising not only helps you burn calories but also helps rev up your rate of metabolism. A daily workout of thirty minutes is preferable. You can include household work as exercise too! Doing the laundry, gardening, dusting all counts as little spurts of exercise. So be hands on person to continue maintaining your ideal weight. Consider making small but intelligent choices: stairs over elevator, walking over driving, and manually changing television channels over the remote!

A balanced diet and planning your meals ahead: having a nutritious diet and making smart choices of what you eat is important. Avoid refined and processed food items. Having home cooked meals are a much better option than package ones or ordering from outside. Foods which are packaged or ordered from restaurants are high on fat, calories and salt.

Eat consciously and pay attention to your food. Being attentive to what you are putting in your mouth, its taste, texture and aroma will help you enjoy your food. When you eat consciously your brain also registers quickly when your stomach is full thus preventing overeating. Also never eat to your full as it is a bad practice to do so. Keep some space empty in your stomach in order for you to feel light and active.

Have meals much earlier than bedtime as it will aid digestion and you will sleep better. Consider having a light stroll post dinner it will refresh your mind and serve as a small spurt of exercise. Never walk briskly after eating.

Increased intake of fresh fruits and vegetables will provide you all the nutrients plus they contain high fiber and water content which will help you feel full and curb hunger pangs.

Have complex form of carbohydrates rather than its simple form. Choose whole-wheat products, brown rice over refined products like white rice, white bread etc. the high fiber will help you feel full quickly and is more beneficial.

Drink plenty of water rather than aerated drinks, sodas. Thirst is often confused by the body as hunger making you eat unconsciously.

Limited intake of alcohol: alcohol has no nutritional value but is loaded with calories. So limit your intake of alcohol or better restrain from having it at all.

A positive approach will help you continue maintaining your weight. Keep yourself motivated with the health benefits as well as the changes in your appearance after weight loss. Consider having a dairy to read out your small reachable goals. It can be anything like fitting into a pair of old jeans or fitting into a size smaller clothing. One can tend to get frustrated with the slow progress of weight loss and can give up quickly but having a support group will help.

Regular tabs on weight and inches: it is good to measure your progress in weight loss but at the same time do not overdo it by measuring yourself everyday. Twice in a month is sufficient to monitor your weighty issues.

Rare indulgences are fine but make it a point not to make it a regular occurrence as then your weight management plan will be a complete failure.

Include strength training and building muscles in order to compensate with loss of lean body mass. You need to tone up your muscles to save them from disappearing away.

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