Tips to take care of diabetic foot

Diabetics should look at their feet every day as it can mean trouble for their feet. Ignoring foot problems can lead to foot ulcers at some point of time.

First, diabetes can lessen blood current to the feet, depriving one’s feet of oxygen and nutrients, making it more complicated for blisters, sores and cuts to heal.
Secondly, the diabetic nerve damage called peripheral neuropathy can cause numbness in your feet. In such situations you can’t feel cuts and blisters and you’re more likely to destruct the complicated foot architecture.

This is because diabetic foot problems are among the most serious and costly complications of diabetes, agrees Dr Anoop Misra, Director and Head, Department of Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases.

“The rising prevalence of diabetes all over the world has brought with it an increase in the number of lower limb amputations performed as a result of the disease,” adds Dr Misra.

Thus, reducing diabetic foot problems is an effort every diabetic must face in time.

Here are a few of the things to keep a check on:

• Soreness in leg even while taking rest
• Any transformation in skin colour or surface of feet
• Blazing sensation
• Feet unexpectedly turning cold with no joint swelling
• Edema or inflammation of feet
• Feeling vibration or tingling
• Distorted sensation in feet
• Surplus fatigue
• Walking mutilation, such as cramping
• Any open cuts, injury, unusual marks or bruises
• Any modification in nail area

Here are some of the tips by which you can protect your diabetic foot:

Check your feet on daily basis

Doctors suggest that it is essential to look at your feet on daily basis. Sores and illnesses can start among your toes and with diabetic neuropathy, one may not feel the sensation until they’ve become infected. “Those with diabetic foot must inspect their feet daily. In case of any complaint for redness, cut, thickening of the skin or ulcer, they should consult a doctor immediately. These may damage one’s nerves,” says Dr Surendra Kumar, a senior endocrinologist at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.
It is always advisable to ask a family member to help.

Dipping your feet in water may be dangerous

It is always advisable to use warn water as dipping your feet in considerably hot water can be dangerous. Experts suggest cleaning the web spaces. And after you have immersed your water in feet, dry them using a clean towel. “People with diabetic foot should learn to check themselves about the hot or cold sensations they are facing,” says Dr Kumar.

Apply moisturizing lotion

It is always suggested for people with dry and scaly skin to apply a good quality moisturizing lotion or cream. Put on cotton socks while hitting your sack at night and make sure not to leave any extra lotion in the web space as it may give irritating feel to the skin.

Comfortable footwear’s are a must:

Ideally, a shoe must be comfortable and should be of snugly fit. It should not put pressure on the toes. It is suggestive to change your shoes at regular intervals of time. Dr Kumar suggests that “Leather or cotton shoes are least likely to generate foot problems and must be preferred over plastic or synthetic shoes.”

Experts suggest that tennis shoes are least likely to generate foot problems.

Walking barefoot is not the rule and must be avoided

Walking barefoot is not a good idea for people suffering from diabetic foot as it makes your feet more prone to injuries, making an easy entry place for germs and related microorganisms.

Speaking up is a good option:

Nerve damage, more often than not is quite unpredictable. Inform your doctor about any modifications while feeling your toes, legs or feet. Have a word with your doctor if you observe pain, a pins-and-needles feeling, scratchy, deadness or any other strange signs. Even if it seems inconsequential to you, you must consult your doctor as it can be a probable foot amputation.

Blood sugar levels should be managed instantly

Medical experts are of an opinion that the best management for nerve pain, eventually, is to administer your diabetes well. Major notable studies have shown that severe blood glucose control with concentrated insulin therapy worsens the probability of having symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

While you can’t be in charge of whether or not you get diabetic nerve ache, you can help direct your glucose levels with intake of a healthy diet and regular exercises.
Remember your foot is your source of freedom – or at slightest it is ground institution on which you stand. Provide your feet a little gentleness, a modest affectionate care, each day. And be sure to talk with your diabetologist, about your treatment which can be multi-pronged and multidisciplinary.

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