Is It Easy To Quit Smoking Forever?

How do I dare to say that it is easy to quit smoking?


Most smokers realize within the first three years of their habit, that it would be wise to quit smoking. Millions of them try to quit at least once and they fail. From this experience they assume that it is a very difficult task, and many of them never try to quit smoking again.

According to the World Health Organization, more than a thousand million people in the world smoke today.


That is a lot of people!!!
For the mayority of the smokers, Smoking is a very difficult addiction to deal with.

In fact, it was found in recent studies that it is the strongest addiction. Cigarettes are even more addictive than alcohol, and cocaine.

Fifty years ago it was really glamorous to smoke. There were campaigns that promoted cigarette smoking as healthy, elegant and sexy. Back then, the deadly effects of this stinky habit were practically unknown to most people.


Even though, the information about the damaging effects of smoking cigarettes is available everywhere, the number of cigarette smokers is potentially growing thanks to the excellent marketing campaigns that tobacco companies are making all the time.
Their main target are young, naturally curious teenagers. These teenagers, in a playful way, wanting to be cool and take on a bad habit. A habit that later, will cause disease and death for many of them.

Cigarette smoking is the number one cause of preventable death today in the world. One out of five Americans die from smoking related diseases; hospitals world wide are full of patients with coronary and heart problems, bronchitis, emphysema, lung, mouth, throat, bladder, pancreas and kidney cancer caused by direct or indirect cigarette smoking. That is, non-smokers who share the smokers environment and forcefully inhale the 4000 toxins contained in cigarette smoke.

Even though this information is out in the open, more than 3,000 teenagers in the United States, and more than 100,000 worldwide become smokers every day. They start out with a trial puff, and even though nobody has reported to like that first cigarette, soon, many of them will be addicted to it, and about 50% of them will smoke for at least 20 years.
More than 90% of all smokers started out before 18, and cigarette companies know this very well.

According to studies, from the more than 1000 million people who smoke, 75%, approximately seven hundred and fifty million people, want to quit. 25%, nearly 190 million will really intend to do it, and from those, only 7%, or 13 million (more or less), will quit in their first attempt.
So with those overwhelming statistics:

How do I dare to say that is easy to quit smoking?

Is it easy for a successful investor to invest? Yes it is.

Is it easy for a great chef to cook? Yes it is.

Is it easy for a famous guitar player to play his guitar? Yes it is.

Was any of them born knowing how to do it? No, unless they were exceptionally gifted, at some point they had to learn. They had the potentiality within them, but they needed a technique to learn how to do it well. They had to start from scratch, and after a particular process, they could do it without even thinking about it, just like people do when they learn to drive a car, to speak a new language, or to perform any new task.

How did they learn to do it?

They either had the need to do it, or a strong desire of it. Either of those causes are strong motivators.

Did it have to be a difficult process?

No. Not if they were lucky enough to have a good teacher with a good program to follow.

Our nature is to be healthy and chemically free.

We are made from natural elements and that is what we need in order to live a healthy, joyous life. Unhealthy products generate unbalance in our body, which in turn, will result in sickness and unhappiness.

Naturally we don�t want that. We are designed to be healthy and happy, and to achieve that, we have the greatest tool: OUR BRAIN.
Thanks to our brain we can think, reason and deduct conclusions from logical explanations, which will naturally lead us to make wise choices and positive changes in our live.

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