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Healthy Workouts

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Gymming can be a total body workout for men as the various equipments can function as cardio, strength training and stamina building exercises. Weight loss, body sculpting, building endurance and agility can all be found in one place- the gym. So guys, hit the floor!

Gymming is not a fad and is wrongly associated with body building as a sole aim. Anybody, of any age may gym to achieve a fit and healthy body. Gymming helps not only by giving you a toned body but helps prevent a variety of diseases like diabetes, heart attack and also common infections as it boosts immunity. For men gymming can help build stamina, strengthen muscles and improve mental wellbeing. Since various gym equipments need attention and coordination it aids your general alertness and helps you detach from stress of everyday life.

Gymming equipments combine two types of workouts which are cardiovascular and strength training. Cardio exercises help your heart by making it pump more blood and let the body take more oxygen resulting in a healthy body. Strength training is used for building muscles or for a toned lean look. Weight lifting helps firm up your body and gives a good appearance. Men need to balance these workouts according to what they want their bodies to look like, whether losing fat is their focus or gaining muscles. Men who intend to lose weight need to focus more on cardio exercises and then follow it up with a little strength training. If building a muscular body is your goal, focus more on strength training.

Gyms may be the answer for people who get bored very quickly with exercising as getting into action with like minded people and some good music can set your mood for a workout! Consult a trainer before starting your exercise regimen for effective results and minimizing injuries. Do not forget warm-ups and cooling down before and after exercising respectively. Apart from gymming take stock of your diet and lifestyle for a healthy you. Do not consider gymming as a monotonous activity; try involving various other routines into it to make exercising fun and exciting. So wear your gym gear and march to the gym now!

How to stay fit?

Monday, June 6th, 2011

When we are very young, say in our teens to late twenties, we do not realize the importance of being fit. Because we are young, our body is capable of coping up with all the mental and physical stress and abuse. Because we do not bother to take care of our body during these years, there is no insurance for middle age and old age.

Body is like biological machinery

Just like any machinery collapses or some part of it wears out due to negligence or no maintenance, the body too is biological machinery with several systems working inside and lack of care and maintenance may gradually lead to certain handicaps with age. It is simple, “Don’t use it, you lose it”.

Fitness provides self dependent

Regardless of over- weight or non over weight, staying fit is an insurance to be self dependent in old age. As a minimum requirement, every individual should accumulate at least 30 minutes of exercise on most and preferably all days of the week.

Fitness provides health benefits

Fitness provides health benefits, that is low risk for disease and being able to perform daily activities with vigour, can be achieved with moderate amount of exercise.

Fitness keeps diseases at bay

There are several diseases which are called lifestyle diseases which are associated with sedentary lifestyle combined with not so healthy diet. Exercise prevents occurrence of cardiac events, reduces the incidence of stroke, hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus, colon cancer, breast cancer, osteoporotic fractures, gallbladder disease, obesity, depression, anxiety and delay mortality.

Individuals who change from a sedentary lifestyle to being physically active or who change from being physically unfit to physically fit, experience lower rates of disease compared with those who continue to remain sedentary or unfit. It is never too late to become physically active to achieve health benefits.

Positive impact on your family

Improvement in your physical health will have a positive impact on your family, your personal relationships, your business and every aspect of your life. Apart from these it also helps you to reduce your expenditures on health care thus providing you the economic benefit as well. Exercise is a health tool to achieve physical fitness and every individual whether over weight or non overweight should take its importance seriously.

Exercise requires efforts and self control

Exercise requires efforts and self control, but when these are combined to form a healthy life style, the rewards that you reap are beyond substantial. Individuals lead a more enjoyable, energetic and happier life.

Fitness Plan for Women

Monday, June 6th, 2011

While men focus on building large muscles, women focus on keeping the weight off, toning their muscles and looking fit. A full-body workout offers women to reap health benefits.

The best exercises for men are not the same as for women as the goals are different. But the base of all exercise programs remains the same. It has to include cardio, strength and flexibility component. Most women only opt for cardio vascular exercises such as high impact aerobics, gymming, walking, swimming and other exercises. Women often neglect strength training all together, which is the most important component of fitness as they are afraid that they will bulk up like men and look masculine. But on the contrary, women cannot gain muscle mass and look bulky as they do not produce as much testosterone as men do. This testosterone is the main hormones which is responsible for increasing the muscle size. Weight training cannot be ignored as it increases bone density and helps prevent osteoporosis, improves muscular coordination and reduces the risk of injury. Strength training exercises when performed through a full range of motion increases flexibility.

Also some misinformed women may stop exercising and their muscle turns into fats. But muscle and fat are two different types of tissue. When a weight training program is discontinued, one starts losing muscle due to inactivity and poor calorie intake which will a give the impression that the muscle has turned into fat. But actually the muscle is lost and fat is accumulated. Therefore fat has to be burnt with cardiovascular exercise and muscles have to be worked to increase tone and give definition.

Women strength training plan

Abdominal exercises – plank, crunches, oblique twists.
Upper body exercises – triceps lifts, bicep curls, chest, shoulder lifts and so on.
Lower body exercises – plies, squats, inner and outer thigh lifts.
Stretching exercises
Moving from one part of the body to the next or mixing different muscle groups in the same exercise can save time and can also challenge the muscles, reshaping them more quickly. You can either use free weights, resistance tubes, gym sticks or your own body weight or the machines in the gym. It is advisable to begin with light weights and few repetitions. One can gradually increase the load and the repetitions to see desired gains in toning and sculpting. And lastly, include a good flexibility exercise such as yoga, Tai chi, callisthenic or a stretching program to improve flexibility in the joints and relax the muscles. These exercises reduce the risk of injury and improve blood circulation to the joints and muscles.

If you are not the one to hit a gym then try the following fitness routine at home and gain the same benefits

Method 1

Start with stretching to increase the blood supply to the working muscles and do a short cardio workout for 10 minutes. You can either stair climb, skip or jog on the spot. Cardio helps warm up the body and boost your calorie burning.

Here is the next move to further boost your metabolism for the next 23hours.

Method 2

Start off with a set of thirty pushups. Pushups help to tone triceps, biceps and the chest muscles. Once you have finished the pushups, do 20 reverse crunches to target abdominal muscles. Proceed to use two stable tables or chairs and perform dips to target chest muscles, do as many as you can. The muscles that you can target are thighs. Perform 15 alternate forward lunges and proceed to target the calves by doing 15 tip toe calf jumps by balancing on the ball of the feet with the feet lifted off the floor. This completes the full body workout and if you still have energy left go for a second round …

Fitness Myths you need to avoid.

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Spot reduction

Spot reduction is a myth. Spot reduction happens only in the laundry. The place where the body stores fat is predetermined. 100 crunches or endless number of ab exercises will not burn the fat in your stomach. Working on a specific area will strengthen and tone the muscles in that area and will visually make you look thinner.

Fat loss happens throughout the body. If you’re feeling miserable with all that extra body fat on various parts of your body, then there is a solution to the problem. It is a combination of a cardio workout and a sensible diet.

One has to have a lot of patience and willpower and consistency in order to lose weight. A 40 minute of cardio workout will put the body in a fat burning stage and thus the weight loss will take place. Do strength training to tone and sculpt the body and to increase the muscle mass, which boosts the metabolism and burns calories even while you are resting.

Slimming gadgets for weight loss

A natural weight loss program consisting of cardio strength and flexibility is going to give the required weight loss which is permanent too. However there are no shortcuts for weight loss.

It is always a combination of exercise and diet that works like magic. And as exercise offers huge benefits it is good to opt for workouts instead of weight loss centers and slimming gadgets.

There is no machine, no special diet, no special pill, and no special anything that will allow you to lose weight safely and healthily. Passive exercise offered by machines does not work until and unless you are exercising your muscles. And if you’re not expending energy, you won’t lose weight.

The key to weight loss is in fact very easy. It’s just about making lifestyle choices and adopting good habits that will allow us to lead a healthy life. Exercises should be done to stay healthy and fit as we humans were designed to be active. Great body begins in the kitchen not at the weight loss centers. Just eating right and adopting a complete fitness regime is the only way to lose weight or to be trim. Being consistent and dedicated will make you win the battle with the bulge. Instead of spending money on fitness centers and slimming gadgets spend the same amount on the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables, which will benefit your skin and system too.

Sweat indicates the calories burnt

It is a general myth that people have that more they sweat during exercise, the more fat they lose. How much you sweat does not necessarily reflect on how hard you are working. This is the way it goes-the harder you work out, the more calories you’ll burn within a set period of time. Sweat is a merely a cooling system of the body. When we exercise, heat is generated by the body and to dissipate the heat the body sweats. It is body’s way of regulating the temperature. Some people tend to sweat a lot due to heavy body weight, poor conditioning, or heredity.

When you stop exercising, your muscles turn to fat

It’s a huge myth, and one must understand that muscles and fat are totally two different types of tissue. The muscle does not turn to fat or vice versa. Fat has to be burnt and muscles have to be built. Keep in mind that the approach through exercising is totally different for both. However lack of exercise does make the muscles shrink, reducing the body’s calorie-burning rate. People who stop exercising will tend to become flabby. But exercise must be done to reap health benefits. Exercising not only reduces fat loss but it also has innumerable health benefits. It controls BP, diabetes, cancer, reduces stress, anxiety, cholesterol levels and gives your over all wellness. If you stop a particular exercise then you have…

Exercises to Tone Body

Monday, June 6th, 2011


Arms are usual problem area and anybody would desire for tone hands. Here is one way to tone your arms. This can be done while watching TV or while you get a small break in the kitchen or even in the office.


Stand with the feet shoulder width apart.
Keep your back upright and keep your stomach in.
Now extend your arms sideways with your palms facing outwards.
Bring the arms in together, straight in front of you with the palms still facing outwards.
Extend back to the sides.
Do ten repetitions each side.
You can up your workout by extending your arms sideways and then bringing them straight up together over the head and then drop them to the staring position. )

a. Seated Dumbbell Curls

Sit on a bench with the torso upright, knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
Hold a dumbbell in each hand with the arms hanging down by the sides and your palms facing inside.
Curl one arm, bending at the elbow and rotate the palm while curling upwards so that it faces the shoulder.
Contract the biceps fully and then uncurl and extend the arm back to the starting position.
Repeat on the other arm.
Variation: This exercise can also be done in a standing position, single arm at a time or both arms together.

b. Barbell Curls

Stand with the feet shoulder width apart and knees softly bent.
Keep the torso upright, abdominal and hip muscles contracted to stabilize the position and avoid using momentum (swinging the body to lift weight up).
Grasp a barbell in the front of the body with an underhand grip (knuckles facing the body and small fingers facing each other) and hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
Curl the barbell up towards the shoulders, feel the contraction in the biceps and slowly lower the bar back to the initial position.
Variation: This exercise can also be done with a narrow grip that is hands shoulder width apart with the elbows touching the waist on both sides.

c. Hammer Curl

This exercise works the forearms also along with the biceps.

Stand or sit holding a dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing inside.
Curl the dumbbells up until the thumbs are close to the shoulders on both sides.
Pause for a second and slowly return to the starting position.

a. Cable press down

Stand facing the cable. Grasp the handle with an overhand grip (palms facing the body and thumbs facing each other) at chest level. Hands shoulder width apart and elbows bent at the waist.
Press down the handle till it reaches the thighs.
Feel the contraction in the triceps on full arm extension and then return to the starting position.
b. Single-arm overhead extensions

Sit or stand holding a dumbbell in one hand with the elbow bent behind the head and the lower end of the dumbbell slightly touching the neck.
Extend the arm up towards the ceiling till it becomes vertical and lower down to the starting position.
Note: Do not lock out the elbow joint with a jerk as you extend your arm upwards.


a. Reverse curls

Stand with the legs shoulder width apart, knees soft and arms extended to the front of the body, holding a barbell with an overhand grip. Hands should be shoulder width apart.
Curl the barbell up till the knuckles face th…