Facts about Vaginal Yeast Infection

Out of every four women, three suffer from vaginal yeast infection several times at different phases of life. The statistics reveal the frequency of its occurrence. The fact is that, the causative microorganism Candida Albicans resides in different parts of our body such as the digestive tract, vagina and mouth without causing any harm. The yeast infection arises only when the pH level in and around the vagina gets altered creating favourable conditions for the yeast to thrive. The yeast multiples rapidly under these altered pH conditions causing enough discomfort to the sufferer.

Frequent itching in the vagina causing redness and it is the most commonly observed symptom of vaginal yeast infection. The itching can be intense enough to land you in embarrassing situations. The redness spreads throughout the vagina including the vulva and is accompanied by burning sensations. Thick white vaginal discharges resembling cheese are observed due to the yeast infection and women may experience pain during intercourse.

Vaginal yeast infection may arise out of a number of physiological conditions.

Normally, prolonged use of any antibiotics, pregnancy, and hormonal imbalances may change the pH levels of the vagina causing favourable conditions for the yeast to rapidly multiply.
Prolonged moist conditions around the vagina also provide suitable environment for the yeast to multiply.

This common form of yeast infection generally does not produce any serious health problems, and can be controlled easily by maintaining clean and hygienic conditions. The panties should be thoroughly washed as the yeast survives in these undergarments and does not go away by normal washing. It is better to iron the panties or boil them in water adding detergent to destroy the yeast completely and also to prevent the chances of recurrence. Private Delhi based practitioner, Dr. Manjari Khanija, PhD and Candida specialist, advices scrubbing the panties thoroughly with detergents before giving a final wash.

Facts about Vaginal Yeast Infection:

Check the sugar levels in your blood and urine. Higher levels of sugar can trigger the yeast infection. If that is the case, reduce the intake of carbohydrates and sweets.
Keep your vaginal area clean and dry. Wear loose fitting undergarments to enable proper ventilation, as this yeast thrives in prolonged damp and moist conditions.
Clean your panties, scrubbing it thoroughly and ironing to destroy the growth of yeast.
Frequent occurrence of this yeast infection may be due to pregnancy or abnormally lowered body immunity system. Get yourself tested for AIDS and consult a doctor.
Application of over the counter fungicidal vaginal creams alleviates the problems to a great extent, but they should be used under medical supervision.
Try sitz bath by adding salt and vinegar in warm bathing water and sit on the bath tub spreading your legs wide part. Do this for half an hour. Make sure that the level of water touches your hips. It will provide some relief from the discomforts of yeast infection.
Application of yoghurt and honey in the vagina can destroy the multiplication of yeast providing prompt relief from discomfort.
Try garlic paste, as its antifungal properties are very effective in treating vaginal yeast infection.
It is better to refrain from sexual intercourse when you are suffering from this infection.

Dryness and cleanliness of the vaginal area is the most important factor to keep away yeast infections. Synthetic undergarments that restrict airflow must be strictly avoided, and it is better to sleep at night without the panty.

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